Our Vermont Christmas Tree Story

Our story begins with the Christmas tradition. Christmas is a beloved holiday for its a time to celebrate with friends and family as well as helping others. The Christmas tradition consists of parties, delicious seasonal beverages, feasts, music, lights, presents and for many; a time of homecoming. Christmas is a holiday ritual that brings family and friends together in either form of celebration: decorating, often together with loved ones; using seasonal and holiday themed items; cooking meals and baking sweets; throwing and attending parties; exchanging gifts; wrapping and opening those gifts; bringing children to visit Santa Claus to state their wishes; watching for Santa on Christmas eve; leaving milk and cookies for him; singing Christmas carols; hanging stockings; watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music; performing in Christmas pageants; and attending church services.  

The magic of Christmas matters because it provides a deeply important social function that brings together family and friends. When we gather around the Christmas Tree, we call to the surface interactions and values that underlie them. We can identify the values that underlie these traditions as the importance of family and friendship, togetherness, kindness, and generosity. These are the values that undergird the most beloved Christmas movies and songs, too. By coming together around these values through participation in Christmas rituals, we reaffirm and strengthen our social ties with those involved.

Our Vermont Christmas Trees add to the magic tradition of the Christmas holiday. Vermont Christmas Trees feature rich green colors and healthy bark that fill the air with pleasant aromas of natural organic pine scents. Vermont Christmas Trees bring family together in a unique experience filled with tree decorations with ornaments, silver bells, colorful garlands and more. Vermont Christmas Trees are truly a festive experience and will bring joy your holidays.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

The Fraser fir is quickly becoming the most premium species of the cut Christmas tree market. The Fraser has many desirable characteristics, especially its amazing needle retention; it's colloquially referred to as the "no shed" tree. The Fraser fir is also characterized by heavy density, with rich colors of platinum silver and deep bluish green.

Balsam Fir Christmas Trees

The Balsam fir's symmetrical spire-like crown, shining dark green color and spicy fragrance have made it a favorite Christmas tree for hundreds of years. The branches feature lustrous dark green needles ⅝–1" in length with 2 white or gray stomatic bands on the underside.